Regulatory Consultation


RAB & CO staff with over 35 years of OSHA compliance and industry experience provides our clients with a unique level of expert safety and health training and consulting services. RAB & CO help employers protect workers from serious injuries, ensure compliance with strict OHSA requirements, demystify the complex regulatory landscape, and help employers capture an often overlooked opportunity for competitive advantage.

Strategic Analysis of OSHA Inspections and Citations

OSHA is charged with enforcing the nation’s workplace safety laws. Negotiations with the Agency following a citation will often result in a win-win settlement. In some situations, it may be advantageous to contest. In either situation, RAB & CO offers the unique expertise of an “insider” to analyze your case, negotiate a settlement, or help contest a citation.

Safety Issues Management and Federal Government Relations

Your business success – or even survival – could be seriously affected if new or onerous regulations blind-side your operations management. The regulatory process and dynamics are often too complex for most companies to manage themselves. RAB & CO offers hands-on strategic planning services to minimize your risk and enhance your success in compliance.

Mock Inspections and How to Prepare for an OSHA Inspection

RAB & CO can conduct a comprehensive safety and industrial hygiene assessment to not only identify and address your risk for expensive citations, but also identify opportunities to better protect your workers against painful and costly injuries or illnesses.

Workplace Safety and Health Program Development or Assessment Review

Establishing a workplace safety and health program sets the foundation for OSHA compliance and worker protection. RAB & CO experts can help you navigate your regulatory requirements or assess your current program to reduce your risks for costly non-compliance or inefficiencies resulting from preventable injuries or illnesses.

Subcontractor Evaluation

Your organization has worked hard to achieve a high performing safety and health workplace environment which may be tarnished with under-performing subcontractors or onsite vendors. RAB & CO can evaluate your third party organizations to ensure their performance standards meet or exceed your requirements.

Pursue Occupational Safety & Health Management System Certification

Pursuing an ISO 18001 program, VPP, or SHARP certification is an indication of not only your organization’s commitment to protecting workers, but also to leveraging the bottom line benefits of workplace safety and health into sustainable competitive advantage. RAB & CO will assist you in designing your program as a lead-up to the rigorous certification review.

Emergency Preparedness and Response - Best Practices

Everyone acknowledges that dealing with a crisis is assuredly a chaotic experience at best. Developing a response plan after-the-fact will feel like an exercise in futility, not to mention trying to protect workers from the hazards they may face in a crisis. RAB & CO offers an understanding of best practices that will help you develop a highly effective preparedness and response plan.
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