Business Consultation

In these challenging economic times, organizations are being increasingly pressured into finding new or emerging growth opportunities, lowering operational costs, increasing worker productivity, or even conducting all-hands-on-deck exercises to do whatever it takes to not lose any current customers.

Whether it’s determining the right price to launch a new product or service, seeking new or adjacent market opportunities, scanning for acquisition opportunities, evaluating emerging industrial technologies for business impact, identifying cost reductions or sources of productivity loss, mitigating risks associated with work place hazards, or developing an overarching organizational strategic plan, RAB & CO helps clients successfully address complex business challenges.

Pricing Studies

Many companies leave money on the table – or worse, fail to meet sales or profitability expectations – by not properly pricing their new products or services. RAB & CO has the expertise to help you properly design and execute a customer-centric conjoint analysis model and other statistical tools to maximize your market success.

Acquisitions Targeting

Academic studies have concluded that the majority of acquisitions fail for a variety reasons including cultural differences, inflated synergy assumptions, or lack of focus during integration. RAB & CO has the proven expertise to guide clients through the acquisition process to maximize their growth potential.

Market Scanning

To grow sales organically, you can either penetrate competitors’ accounts to gain market share or launch new products or services in emerging or adjacent market spaces. RAB & CO can help you scan the market place to identify gaps in your offering and develop a strategic plan to capture new or emerging growth opportunities.

Strategic Planning

Without a strategic plan to guide your organization’s resources and capabilities, it will not take long for your sales and profitability to suffer, turnover rates to climb, and customers to question their relationship with your business. RAB & CO can help you develop a customer-centric strategic plan to address your complex business challenges.
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